Simultaneous translation in Russia

If you have scheduled an event with foreigners - rent equipment for simultaneous translation of speech will be an excellent alternative to the consecutive interpreting. The latter is useful only for short speeches and dialogues.

Rental of equipment for simultaneous interpretation - the one option that would be ideal for a multilingual audience. Moreover, if such events are you quite rare - it makes no sense to buy the equipment, its rent will be cheaper and easier.

Simultaneous translation is usually required for business events, conferences, seminars, exhibitions, workshops and talks. All kinds of these meetings need a significant amount of training, and in strong support of the process. For the events you want to select a suitable place to organize food and take care of the technical equipment.

In addition to the rent simultaneous translation of speech, you'll need to find a professional translator simultaneous interpreter, and provide him with a comfortable working environment. It’s quite hard questions, is not it? So you can not take on the another one - hire of equipment for simultaneous translation will provide a ready tool for the job.

Special simultaneous translation system will allow you to learn more about the lives of other people about their experiences and opinions. Using them is one of the most complex types of interpretation for many listeners. The variant of translation in several languages, and of course for the interpreters have to search high-relevant knowledge.

Why you should rent the equipment for simultaneous translation?

Without equipment can not do, if you need a translation simultaneously with the speaker, the interpreter should have time to complete the transaction, and not wait for a pause opponent. The equipment includes simultaneous translation system (fixed or wireless), which is a booth or booths, two pairs of headphones and a microphone, and a set of receivers for the listeners.

Translated by an interpreter in an isolated cabin, to a specialist is not distracted and his voice drowned out the voice of the speaker. In the present apparatus amplifiers through which translation is transmitted to receivers listeners

Rent interpretation of speech is indispensable in the organization of events, which involved a large number of people.

Interpretation and its types

The most commonly used three variants of simultaneous interpretation:

1. " By ear "- translator accepts continuous speech through headphones and speaker as information, translates the blocks. This is the most difficult option, and the most high demand.

 2. "With the sheet." In this case a prior preparation, although this is not necessary. Interpreter may receive a written copy of the speech and the speaker to translate materials, given the information that appears in the course of the speech.

 3. Reading the translated text. Following the speeches, reading specialist pre-prepared and translated text. As a result, during the event, he simply read the resulting text, promptly correcting changes, if any.